1XBET: what can you bet on?

Once you’ve registered on this Russian bookmaker’s site, you’ll be surprised by the depth of its collection of bets that, when combined with the enormous odds offered, promise an adrenalin-filled experience. Plus you’ll also have the opportunity to make earnings which are quite simply exceptional.

In terms of bets and odds, it’s hard to find anything better than 1xbet. On this online sports betting site, you’ll have access to an impressive selection that brings together every kind of bet imaginable and covers a wide variety of domestic and international competitions. Each day there are more than 2,000 events on which you’ll have the chance to place betting orders and win money.

Specifically, the range of bets offered by this Russian-based bookmaker gives you the choice among European and Asian handicaps, combined bets, system bets, exact scores and even wagers on live bets. For example you can bet on the first team to score or to reach a goal. On any single event there are more than 300 ways in which you can bet which allows you to try as many different kinds as you like.

Available sports and odds

Live-betting on 1xbet; a must

This is one of the areas in which 1xbet clearly stands out from the competition. Its live-betting section combined with free live-streaming gives you the chance to bet on hundreds of events in 30 different ways for each match or meet-up. In addition you can increase your chances of winning by betting during the game on achievements such as the number of sets, corners, hits, yellow or red cards and many others still.

Live tennis matches

The live-betting experience is enhanced by precise details which users can see from its interface. For beginners, this might seem intimidating because of its general organization. The way that settings and drop-down menus are arranged on this live-betting portal is not the most user-friendly. On top of that you can choose to receive alerts for any changes in odds or multiple betting entries which will allow you to try out another way of live-betting.

Live soccer games

For example, 1xbet gives you the chance to select viewing in multi-screen mode which will allow you to follow up to 4 live games. The benefit here is that you can place betting orders on match-ups of the same sport or different disciplines taking place at the same time. This method, which is somewhat rare among licenced bookmakers as well as those not approved by the Gaming Commission, will allow you to adjust your bets in real time.

An embarrassment of odds

Since it is not subject to the constraints imposed by the Gaming Commission in terms of access restrictions and charges, 1xbet can therefore offer some of the highest odds on the market. Compared to its other foreign competitors, the Russian bookmaker offers pre-live and live betting odds that are 10-40% higher.

Best odds

Sports betting and much more

Each day, 1xbet gives you the chance to bet on more than 1,000 events. You’ll have the choice within a range of individual or collective sports, popular or unusual. Whether you like football, formula 1, volleyball, American football, basketball, cycling, tennis or hockey, you’ll find the biggest domestic or international competitions among the selection put together by the Russian bookmaker. But registering on 1xbet also means the chance to make financial bets or bets on e-sports matches. What’s more you’ll also have the opportunity to wager on game shows and TV programs like The Voice.

This online sports betting agency also has a complete gaming library of online casino games and instant-win card games (lotto, bingo, video poker etc.). However, the chances of winning these at these games are not very high. As a result they’re clearly not as profitable as the range of sports bets, but in any case you can play in free mode or with bonuses that the bookmaker offers, if you want to vary your gaming fun.