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Satisfy Recruitment Services include:

  • Recruitment of Contract Personnel
  • Recruitment of Permanent Staff
  • Executive Search and Selection
  • International Recruitment

Management Services include:

  • Master Vendor Agreements
  • Preferred Supplier
  • Approved Supplier
Satisfy Recruitment Services Satisfy Recruitment Services

The company's aim is to forge viable and trustworthy relationships with both clients and candidates alike and in doing so become an integral and dependable component throughout the resourcing process and beyond.

In this way, not only can Satisfy Recruitment meet its clients' requirements but also exceed their expectations as well as adding value to their business.

By understanding your need for flexible human resources, Satisfy Recruitment can help you assess the way in which you deal with your current resource providers and ensure your business objectives are met.

Type of supply agreement
There are a number of agency agreements that can be put in place, the most appropriate depends upon your business requirements. Each type of agreement can encompass all forms of staff engagement, e.g. Temporaries, fixed term contractors, Contractors, permanent employees. The options available to you include -

Master Vendor Agreement
A Master Vendor agreement is usually appropriate where the client/supplier relationship is well developed and a single contract is put in place to cover all supply of personnel (may include permanent recruitment services in addition to the supply of contract staff).

The supplier controls all supply chain agreements which will normally need to be consistent with the fixed pricing set in the Master Vendor contract.

The client has one source of supply and can therefore drastically reduce their administration in respect of the supply of personnel. Pricing will normally be set to reflect the volume of business being channeled into one supplier.

Preferred Supplier List
This is often the first step a client company may take in order to bring under control a situation where they have too many suppliers.

Normally suppliers will go through a pre-qualification process in order to ascertain ability to supply, financial security, quality procedures etc.

Suppliers who are then appointed to the Preferred Supplier List will normally have pre agreed terms set by the client thereby removing the need for service users to engage in individual negotiations.

The Preferred Supplier List is a restricted list giving suppliers the opportunity to increase their business levels with the client, however this also allows the client the opportunity to 'leverage' their suppliers and reduce their agencies mark up.

Approved Supplier/Lead Agreement
A client may issue approval to a supplier on agreement to adopt pay and charge rates that are consistent with the client's other suppliers. Where commercial terms are identical across the supplier base, quality of service becomes the main criteria for competition.

A lead agreement can be used as a method of giving a supplier 'a lead' with requirements in recognition of a reduced agency mark-up. Used as a method of accelerating growth of businesses with clients where competition is high and supplier's share of the business is low.

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